Strawberry Moon over Cassadaga

After spending so much of 2020 at home, I was itching for a road trip. I thought about places near me that I had always wanted to visit, but for whatever reason, had never gotten to. One of those places was the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, Florida. My husband and I lived in Orlando for… Continue Reading →

Where in the world is Enocha?

I’m still alive. Like everything else this past year, my focus has had to shift. That means I’ve been spending more time on creating videos for my TikTok and working to relaunch my YouTube channel. Tourism is down across the country, and Savannah is no exception. When I started this blog, I had hoped that… Continue Reading →

Hidden Savannah cemeteries

This time of year Bonaventure Cemetery and Colonial Park Cemetery are crawling with tourists hoping to catch an orb in a picture or hear a disembodied voice whispering something terrifying. But these aren’t the only cemeteries with a spooky past. Any tour guide will happily tell you that Savannah is a city built on the… Continue Reading →

Walking with a ghost at Fort Pulaski

October will be here tomorrow, and that means it’s time for haunted houses and ghost stories. You may not think of Fort Pulaski as a place to checkout for something spooky, but in a spot where you can easily feel the echoes of the past, maybe you should. You’ll find Fort Pulaski National Monument on… Continue Reading →

Road trip to nowhere Georgia

I’ve mentioned before that I love watching urban explorer videos on YouTube and how, if I weren’t deathly allergic to black mold, I would love to explore abandoned buildings. Recently, I was watching a video from Sidestep Adventures where they explored what was left of an old railroad town aptly named Junction City. I was… Continue Reading →

Zombies & Tourists at Ft. Pulaski

Somewhere out there someone is telling a friend about their trip to Savannah in early 2012 where they got to meet zombies at a Civil War fort. One of those zombies was probably me. In January of that year, I was sitting in Forsyth Park with a few friends. One of them said, “Hey, Eenie!… Continue Reading →


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