Strawberry Moon over Cassadaga

After spending so much of 2020 at home, I was itching for a road trip.

I thought about places near me that I had always wanted to visit, but for whatever reason, had never gotten to. One of those places was the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, Florida.

My husband and I lived in Orlando for a bit, and while I always wanted to go to Cassadaga, it seems like something always ruined my plans.

Now I had time, a little extra money, and a road trip partner in my friend Jazzy.

Our trip happily coincided with the Strawberry Moon, so we were excited to see if all the talk about energy and spirits in this tiny town was true.

Cassadaga was founded in 1875 after a medium named George Colby said he had a vision where a spirit guide led him to the area.

The town is often referred to as the Psychic Capitol of the World because of all the psychics, mediums, and other spiritualist practitioners who live there.

We booked a night at the Cassadaga Hotel which is the only hotel in the town though there are B&Bs nearby. The 1920s building looks like something out of an old movie.

On the hotel’s website, they tell you the place is definitely haunted even though they emphasize that the ghosts are friendly. Walking around town, I can see why people who lived here would want to stick around in death. It’s gorgeous! There’s this unique charm of the old buildings along with an energy that made me instantly feel at home.

While my friend Jazzy and I were settling into our room, I mentioned that one of the hotel ghosts reportedly likes to touch women’s hair. We both hoped he wouldn’t do that to us because neither of us like strangers touching our hair. (Remember this. It will be important later.)

The room we booked wasn’t super fancy. It had a bed and a very small bathroom which I’m sure was probably a closet when the hotel was originally built. Hotels back then usually had a toilet and bathtub at the end of the hall for guests to use, so at least it’s been updated to have them in the room.

They do offer bigger rooms with bigger bathrooms, but since we were only staying one night, we figured the small bathroom was fine.

We went to every single store and even the haunted museum. If you’re looking to book a session with a psychic, tarot cards reader, or palm reader, be willing to wait. We went during the week and everyone was almost fully booked. I did manage to get my palms read which was fun.

The only place to eat in town is at the hotel. Sinatra’s is an Italian restaurant located in the lobby. It sounded like fun, but I can’t eat tomatoes so we drove about 10 minutes away to DeLand.

By the way, don’t sleep on DeLand. Lots of cute restaurants, shops, and public art over there.

Back in Cassadaga after diner, we relaxed in our room and on the porch while we waited for nightfall.

People who say the town is haunted aren’t kidding. Cassadaga has this amazing energy to it. It feels like there are a bunch of people you can’t see walking through the streets and businesses. It wasn’t scary. It just felt like we were sharing space.

There are ghost tours of the town. I wasn’t able to book one for this trip, but I’ll definitely do that next time. I’d love to know more about what I felt there.

The Cassadaga Hotel has a porch where you can lounge, read, meditate, or take a smoke break.

After a short night stroll to take some pictures of the exterior of the hotel and a few nearby buildings, Jazzy and I called it a night.

I slept like a rock, so if any ghosts tried to wake me up that night, they didn’t succeed. Jazzy on the other hand woke up to something light like hair being drug across her throat. Her hair is short, and I’d have to be on top of her to drag my hair across her throat, so maybe Mr. Ghost with a thing for hair thought throats were a better option.

The next morning we walked along the streets we hadn’t gotten to the day before. That was when we noticed that some of the psychics and tarot card readers also operate out of their homes. There were also some parks and a fairy trail that we unfortunately didn’t have time to explore more.

Aside from the ghostly weirdness, we really enjoyed our trip. I can definitely see this place becoming my writer’s retreat when I need to get away and concentrate.

Whatever energy is there, I vibe with it.


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